Annual Report 2012

Financial Highlights

To our shareholders

Chris RobertsKen MacKenzie

Profit after tax and before significant items for the year was $634.9(1) million, up 11.3% on the previous year’s $570.3 million. Profit after tax was $412.6 million, up 15.7% on the previous year’s $356.7 million.

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Review of operations

Review of operations

Amcor had an excellent year, with a record underlying profit and record returns.

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Annual Report 2012 download

Annual Review 2012 download

Sustainability Report 2012


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Throughout this report, Amcor has included certain non-IFRS financial information, including PBITDA and PBIT before significant items, profit after tax and before significant items, operating cash flow and free cash flow. This information is presented to assist in making appropriate comparisons with prior periods and to assess the underlying performance of the Company. References to earnings throughout this report are references to PBIT before significant items.